Kid Friendly Dinners at Montana Mike’s

Montana Mike’s Steakhouse: Kid-Friendly Dinners     BY JAN ASHBY       It is important to make kids feel special, when dining out. When the family is out to dinner, Mom wants to relax.. If a restaurant goes the EXTRA mile to make a child feel special, then it can only help moms out. At Montana […]

Minot Restaurants That Deliver Are Rare: Are They Worth The Bother

Minot Restaurants That Deliver       By Jan Ashby Reporter Minot, ND/USA, July 18, 2014 As one who has spent a far amount of time in Minot ND exploring the restaurants, I feel well equipped to write on this topic.  I realize that some people simply do not like to dress up, make a reservation, […]

Olive Garden Specials 2014: Salads and Drinks

Olive Garden Lunch Specials:  Recipes Galore By Jan Ashby      Hi everyone.  Is summer tickling your fancy?  Are you interested in EXPLORING more “Olive Garden Specials”.  If you like italian food, you may be interested in making some of the copycat recipes based off OLIVE GARDEN Recipes.   There is a lady chef who does a […]

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