Minot Restaurants: What’s the Latest and Greatest?

What are The Best Minot Restaurants?

New Minot Restaurants

Hi, I’m Jan Ashby and I am compiling a list of the better restaurants in Minot, North Dakota.  This will be based on current reviews.  I am examining reviews, and conveying other people’s opinions to you.  Bear in mind that every single restaurant will have some negative reviews – it’s just a fact of life that there’s ALWAYS someone who wants to complain.  So what I am shooting for is the following :

  • I’m scanning for a restaurant with a good percentage of high reviews
  • I’m noting comments about a “dirty” floor, or terrible service
  • Keeping a tally of anything that stands outI’m assuming that you wouldn’t want to go to a place that is not clean, or an establishment that has horrible service – and several people have remarked on it.

Alright, from my initial findings these are favored restaurants (delicious food and at least passable service) – this first group is taken from Yelp:



  1. Sakura Japanese Steakhouse – As of this writing, there are NO reviews below 3 stars and most are 4-5 stars. “Very fresh food..”  READ MORE
  2. Baan Rao Thai Restaurant – “Clean Thai restaurant, great food, friendly service.  The food came well presented…”  READ MORE  
  3. Ten North Main – “Beautiful restaurant, attentive staff. The pheasant strips are awesome as is everything on the menu.”
  4. Ebeneezers Irish Eatery (Full bar) – “Portion sizes are enormous, great irish pub with music and home-style cooking, Guiness on tap; wonderful meat loaf…”
  5. RUBY TUESDAY – Rated 4.5  of 5 Stars, but only four people reviewed. “Good salads, healthy choices available. Nice atmosphere…”   READ MORE
  6. Panera Bread, Located at:  1807 22nd Ave SW; Minot, ND 58701  – Read Yelp reviews

This group from TripAdvisor:

  1. Applebees – “Fast service; waiter takes down your order, & another fills and delivers it. Great place for a satisfying...”   READ MORE
  2. Homesteaders Restaurant: “Best place for breakfast in Minot; less costly than Dennys. Homestyle cooking, nice soups and…”  READ MORE
  3. Night Life: Blue Rider scores 4 or 5 Stars “Good place to chill, good atmosphere. Decent beer and the pizza ain’t too..” READ MORE
  4. Mi Mexico“Good Mexican food. Colorful atmosphere, and the hot sauce is amazing. Be prepared to wait however..”  –  READ MORE
  5. Ground Round – “Cold beer, good drinks and a lively bar all make for a good dining experience. Food is good with lots of..” – READ MORE



  1. Yenti Villa: Chinese, Japanese, Asian. Pretty reasonable prices.  READ MORE
  2. Sweet & Flour Patisserie – Bakery, coffee shop.  100 percent say “yum…”  –  READ MORE
  3. GRIZZLYS Grill & Saloon – 13 reviews, rated 3.5 Stars:  “Full bar, outdoor seating. Early bird specials and a cheaper lunch menu. The bear creek pasta and the diablo trio pasta dishes are tremendous, and the cheesecake is excellent. My girlfriend loves the place…” –  READ MORE (*Note – The Reviews vary on this place)
  4. Burger Time:  “Food always hot. Not gourmet – drive in only.” —  READ MORE These reviews are as of July 2013  – Enjoy in good health !
  5. Buffalo Wings & Rings: According to Urban Spoon, as of July 8, 2014 – 76 percent of diners LIKE this restaurant – READ MORE
  6. OLIVE GARDEN – Overall, 94 percent approval rating – 1 person really liked the Chicken Scampi.. READ At Urban Spoon

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