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With Quiznos restaurant , you can CREATE your own sandwich – this is truly neat.  It is not a boring place to eat, that’s for certain. They have a ton of variety, so any member of your family – NO matter how fussy – should be able to come up with something delectable to dine on.  They have catering available too.

I love their Steak Sub sandwiches – they have Prime Rib Philly (500 calories), Double-Cheese Prime Rib, Peppercorn Prime Rib Steak sandwich, French Dip (an old favorite), or Black Angus on Rosemary Parmesan (boy that was a mouthful) – if you wish to get more INFO, such as exact ingredients, GO HERE .

For those who are on a DIET, you’ll be happy to find out that Quizno’s has an extensive Under 500 Calories menu – there are some really CHOICE options too – such as Honey Bourbon Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Baja Chicken, Chicken Milano, Veggie Guacamole, Basil Pesto Chicken, Greek Chicken and more .. Visit this Link to see the Info Page.

Quiznos also has grilled flatbread  and flavorful SOUPS, to engage your tastebuds even further –  hey, I told you it wasn’t a DULL place to eat in Minot ND !  As far as the flatbreads, there is a moderate amount of choice..  Basil PESTO Chicken, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Greek Chicken, Sonoma TURKEY, or Little Italy.

Okay, as if your tastebuds aren’t “REVVED UP” enough already here is the FULL MENU at

Quiznos Restaurants –


Quiznos Restaurant: Restaurant Catering

Dinner Parties:  Minot Restaurants and Catering
What are the possibilities for a party, you may be wondering.. Well I know Quiznos has some catering available. You might want to call the Minot Restaurant location.  Here’s the Phone number:  Fax: (701) 839-9224

If you’d like some tips on dinner parties, a good source might be:  SheKnows.com


On a lighter note:  I personally like the Chicken PESTO sandwich – it doesnt have many calories either (it’s on the 500 calories menu) ..

My second choice is usually the Prime Rib Steak sandwich     Prime Rib sandwich

*Note:  The Minot location is closed, but the one at Bismarck – not far from Minot – is OPEN.  Its phone number is 701-222-4333  <==
HOT Sandwiches:  Visit Quiznos Main menu

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