Minot Restaurants That Deliver Are Rare: Are They Worth The Bother

Minot Restaurants That Deliver  

 Local Business Superstar   By Jan Ashby Reporter

Minot, ND/USA, July 18, 2014

As one who has spent a far amount of time in Minot ND exploring the restaurants, I feel well equipped to write on this topic.  I realize that some people simply do not like to dress up, make a reservation, and then go out to eat. I have noticed there are just a few Minot restaurants that will deliver – aside from pizza restaurants, I found only a few.  That is, unless you consider the companies that have food trucks touring around.

First up, there is Jimmy Johnsa gourmet sandwich shop. It is willing to deliver, which is not really surprising considering they have the college crowd in their neighborhood. Their sandwiches are quite good, as they have special sauces and you can tailor it the way you most desire.

Now, if you look at Google reviews for Jimmy Johns, you will see they score pretty high. Their food is very fresh, so you may want to hang on to this idea. They generally deliver within ten minutes of order time.   See Jimmy Johns menu

The second restaurant is Sakura Japanese restaurant. Located on 24th Avenue near the Dakota Square Mall, Sakura does offer delivery in Minot. Yet, please bear in mind that for families it may be more entertaining for the kids if you eat there. This is due to the fact they are quite “kid friendly”, and will entertain you at your table.

There is lots of good seafood at Sakura Japanese restaurant in Minot ND, and there is incredible variety. Of course, you can have beef, chicken, or filet mignon if you prefer – done “hibachi” style.  For lunch – as an example – you might have shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, chicken katsu, shrimp teriyaki, steak teriyaki, scallops teriyaki, or salmon teriyaki.

They have a special thing called “Bento Box“, which you can order for Dinner or for Lunch; the entree is accompanied by salad, soup and a roll. They are open 7 days a week.



Minot Restaurants That Deliver: Food Truck Craze

          food truck

As to food trucks in Minot that deliver, there is one I know of – it is called Muncheeze, and it has one positive review on Yelp. The lady who left the review said it was “totally worthwhile”, as she had a tasty shrimp sandwich that was served with fresh cabbage, red pepper and sliced onion. She also liked her soup, which was Lobster Bisque!  She commented on the texture of her sandwich –  that the wonderful “crunch” was something she appreciated.

To top it off, she had a Red Bull smoothie – said it tasted like strawberry, banana and Red Bull.

In summary, there are not a lot of restaurants in Minot ND that deliver. Your choices are somewhat limited. Of course, there are pizza restaurants that will deliver – like Dominos or Pizza Hut – but that is a choice for “pizza lovers” only. If you like sandwiches, or Japanese food, you may be in luck. The rest of you may just have to dress up, and go out.


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