How to Eat Vegan at a Restaurant


Vegan Food Ordering: How to Properly Word Your Request



Today I just want to SHARE with you an easy way to dine vegan – it obviously is meant for when you are dining out.

You can simply skip to the enlightening post – which tells you of several KEY tips to order a vegan dish  (or Read on…)

Btw, the guide below will advise you on how to “order vegan” at a Thai restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, Italian restaurant, a French restaurant, a steak restaurant, an american restaurant etc.


My name is Jan Ashby, and I live about an hour from Minot.  So I do try and share my discoveries from restaurants, as I can – I also take note of restaurants that really try and go the extra mile to accommodate their diner.

An example I have mentioned previously (in the post “Off The Vine: Minot Nightlife”  ) is Off the Vine – as this Minot ND establishment will sometimes create a meal, based on the customer’s suggestions or request.  The waiter will assist with wine recommendations, too – so you can pair your wine with your specific supper.

If you’d like to explore more about Minot nightlife, you can see the YELP reviews online or visit my section entitled “MINOT NIGHTLIFE” here .



While there are apps you can use to uncover some “vegan-friendly” restaurants close to you, you can’t count  on this – so it’s best to phone ahead.  That’s 1 of the tips in the Post I found.  The helpful site is called ““.  

*NOTE:  There are half a dozen tips or “advice” you should use before you ever visit the restaurant.  LOOK these over first – which includes a hint about Apps to use.

For entire article, go to VEGAN FOOD post .


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