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By Jan Ashby      Beer in Minot

Souris River Brewing Company has been operating in Minot ND for a couple of years.

32 3rd St NE, Minot, ND 58703

Days of Operation:  Wed – Mon  (closed Tuesdays)

Nice atmosphere.  Good food – you can build your own burger, and they do have salads.  The menu is not real extensive, however.  And be prepared to pay, as it is a bit steep.  All the food is “locally grown”, and they do feature bison and elk.

The Souris River Brewing Company is lively on the weekends – they stay open late on Saturday and Sunday, and feature live music.  It is a good place to go with your friends, or family even.  You can chill, and kick back …with your FAVORITE BEER.

Now Onto the Beer       microbrewery restaurant

The saison beer is pretty darn exceptional !   And I thought their Hefeweizen was pretty decent.  However, if you go during a holiday (or at a time there is a lot of people), there may be a limited choice of microbrewed beers.

*News: They just released a new beer – Creamation Stout (not the barrel aged version) in May 2014.

*Note: You can take beer to go in one of the 64oz glass growlers.   locally made beer

The trend of microbrewing is not exactly a new one, but a fascinating one. After all, many people like to see how things are made; and going to a brewery can provide clues, and give you insight into the process.

If you want to brew your own beer at home, then you will need to know what ingredients go into it. Basically, there are 2 kinds of beer. Then it branches off into many styles.

There are stouts, India Pale Ale (IPA), Pale Ale, Porters, Wheat beer and Barley Wines.  The Souris River Brewing Co. has stout, wheat beer, and pale ale –  they have a pale ale called Laughing Sun’s 110 Pale Ale that is currently being talked about on Facebook.  And Souris sometimes has a porter – Vanilla Porter – and if you’d like to find out more, I suggest you visit the Facebook page linked to at the end of the page.

A Bit of History for You: Wheat Beer in America

Wheat beer was one of the most popular styles of beer one hundred years ago; it was phased out due to Prohibition in the US, but has regained a  good measure of its former popularity.  What men of the day liked – after a hard day of work out in the field – was a tart, refreshing wheat beer.

The wheat beer of today is fashioned after weizen, yet is made with a standard, flocculant ale yeast (minus the clove & spice the Germans tend to use).

Stout Beer on the Menu


Is it Worth Checking Out – Here’s What Reviewers Concluded

You should go and check out The Souris River Brewing Company – to see what all the fuss is about. Hey, they are rated 4.1 at Google Reviews – so, just come up with an excuse to go downtown and toss back a few wet ones.

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Visit Their Facebook: Souris River Brewing Company

To Learn more, visit Microbrewing on Twitter here: Microbrewers



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