Olive Garden Specials 2014: Salads and Drinks

Olive Garden Lunch Specials:  Recipes Galore

By Jan Ashby      Restaurants in Minot

Hi everyone.  Is summer tickling your fancy?  Are you interested in EXPLORING more “Olive Garden Specials”.  If you like italian food, you may be interested in making some of the copycat recipes based off OLIVE GARDEN Recipes.

There is a lady chef who does a lot of them.  You can tell she’s been at this a while, and really knows her stuff.  Her name is Stephanie, and she has A LOT of Olive Garden recipes demonstrated at Youtube.  She also focuses on some “Olive Garden drink specials”.  I will place a few good ones below:

Luscious Olive Garden Drink Specials: Bella Limonada and Strawberry Limoncello Martini

Here is Strawberry Limoncello Martini:

Olive Garden Salad Mix with Stephanie Manley



Olive Garden Stuffed Mushrooms Video – Very Popular at Youtube



Next Up:  Olive Garden Specials Channel at My Facebook

     Jan Ashby of Facebook

I started a nice fan page for my readership – here you go, if you’d like to explore and experience more about Olive Garden desserts, soups, main courses, and summer drinks. There are some TRULY inspirational videos and posts there.

In fact, one of particular interest to PARENTS – did u know that Olive Garden has a special offer for parents who wish to DINE ALONE .. Read all about it HERE:

Special Offer” Post by Jan Ashby: Olive Garden Specials and Offers


A Refreshing Drink for Summer:  Bella Limonata



THis cool and refreshing drink (at The O.G.) has pomegranate, lemonada, and pineapple juice in it. Then the staff adds a touch of sparkling soda as well. On a HOT summer’s day, of course a specialty drink like this is a “guilty pleasure”.

For more on Olive Garden drinks, you can visit Pinterest Drinks listing (smoothies etc.).  You can also visit my Facebook page on Olive Garden drink specials and desserts.

To see specialty drinks and cocktails, GO to Olive Garden Summer Drinks (To see BEER scroll a few inches).

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