Olive Garden Appetizers: One Part of a 4 Course Meal

Minot Restaurants:  The Famous Olive Garden’s Appetizers Reported by Jan Ashby     If you are one who enjoys a 4-course meal, you may be interested in the Olive Garden appetizers available at Minot ND.   As an accompaniment to your italian meal, you can partake of one of the Olive Garden special appetizers – such as Bruschetta al […]

Off the Vine – Good Selection of Wine and Beer

Minot Nightlife by Jan Ashby There is a nice selection of wine at Off the Vine – Who is this restaurant meant for?  Adults, and those wishing to mark an occasion or special event. One of those Minot restaurants that is centrally located, it is on Main Street at 15 Main St South.  At Urbanspoon, […]

Minot Restaurants: What’s the Latest and Greatest?

What are The Best Minot Restaurants? Hi, I’m Jan Ashby and I am compiling a list of the better restaurants in Minot, North Dakota.  This will be based on current reviews.  I am examining reviews, and conveying other people’s opinions to you.  Bear in mind that every single restaurant will have some negative reviews – […]

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